Why be traditional?
You love being different

So why wear traditional wedding jewelry? You need a splash of color!

Freedom Collection
Freedom Collection

Women's Rights, BLM, Pride, Religious Freedom. Freedom to be who you are and freedom over your own body!

Music Jewelry and Gifts
Musician Jewelry

Jewelry and gifts for drummers, singers, bassists, guitarists and music lovers!

Custom Orders

Each of these items was either requested by a customer or made for a customer specifically.  Sometimes a customer has a concept they want brought to life like the Treble Clef Pendant (center bottom) or the Heart Pet Tag & Necklace Set (above the treble clef) OR they have a specific design like the Gye Nyame (middle right) or the Sterling Silver Acoustic Guitar Earrings (bottom right).

If you have a concept or specific idea for a custom necklace, bracelet, keychain or earrings, send us a request. We'll get back to you within two business days.

Past Custom Orders

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